The penny was beautiful. The copper shone just right in the sunshine, the bronze gleam looking like treasure. He’d stuck it in vinegar and scrubbed it ’til it shone. It was the perfect offering. Clove climbed the steps to the shrine, panting a little as he got to the top. They didn’t design the giant […]

Goodnight Kiss

A young child waits alone in the dark His duvet pulled up to his chin He waits for his goodnight kiss But his mother forgot about him. He can hear her voice, drifting upstairs She giggles, gossips, drinks tea And while her son waits alone in the dark She laughs, obliviously While upstairs her son […]

Hospital Bed

I can’t do this. I’ll fall. My foot fumbles forward, the icy floor making gooseflesh crawl across my skin. My legs are twigs… too thin, too fragile. They’ll snap. I hold onto the bed with both hands, knuckles white. Rapid raspy breathing; deafeningly loud in the sterile room. “You need to let go,” A jerky, […]


A thousand spotlights The fluid babble of the audience The stage, gleaming like the sun All that open space A map, unrolled, just waiting for an explorer Inside my ballet shoes my feet begin to itch Everything is holding its breath My ears ring with unheard silence I am ready. Without warning, the orchestra burst […]