She has been dislocated in time.

Her bones are made of stone and anchor her in place. Without them, she would have escaped long ago. She is the eye of the storm and everyone else is frantically busy with their own lives, all around her, but she cannot leave.

She’s been washed up on the sea of humanity and lies abandoned on the tideline, like driftwood.


What More Do You Want From Me?

What more do you want from me?

I’ve given you everything I have.

I gave you my life, my dreams, my sanity.

There’s nothing left to steal.


When will you be satisfied?

You’ve ripped my soul from my chest.

You keep on taking and taking,

Will you ever let me fly away?


What more can you take from me?

I’m less than human, less than the meanest ghost.

You’ve taken everything I own.

Leave me in peace.