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Kreativ Blogger & One Lovely Blog Award

A thousand thanks to Daniel, author of Words Form Windows, who nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award and the Kreativ Blogger award! So, as tradition goes, it must be my turn to nominate other fantastique bloggers to receive these awards and give some totally random facts about myself. So, here goes:

In no particular order, I nominate the following people:

Rosiki, because of her incredible photography and creative writing

Ermilia, because of their fantastic writing exercises and lovely comments

Helen, because of her epic stories and lashings of Muse

Anne Shilde, because of her wonderful encouragement and amazing stories

Kate, because of her beautifully unique blog and thoughtful posts

Scriptor Obscura, because of her heart wrenching and meaningful writing

And now for some totally random facts about me:

  1. I have never, ever had a nosebleed.
  2. I have a mole between my toes that for thirteen years my parents thought was a bit of dirt (they spent quite some time trying to scrub it off :))
  3. I think Spanish is a beautiful language and my favourite county is New Zealand
  4. My all-time favourite book is The Time Traveller’s Wife
  5. My all-time favourite fantasy world is the one found within the Percy Jackson series… and I would absolutely love to be a demigod!

Bubbles, Bleach and Bright Lights

The Tale Behind the Apocalypse

I’m sure you’ve heard about the apocalypse: the fact that the world is going to end in 2012. Well, this is the story behind that event. This tale either originated from the Aztec or the Mayan people.

Once upon a time, the world was full of human beings. The humans ate maize and grew into giants, but even these giants were unable to keep their heads above the water when a huge flood came. It swallowed the sun and ended the first age of the earth after 4,008 years. Nearly every giant on earth was drowned and turned into fish. But two humans survived by climbing the tallest tree.

These two people were called Nene and Tata and they started the human race all over again in the second age. But again, after 4,010 years, the world was destroyed again… this time by a great wind that came and blew out the sun. The wind blew so hard that humans had to cling to the trees with hands and feet and they even grew tails. They all turned into monkeys.

Again, two humans survived by standing on a rock. They started the human race off into the third age. After 4,081 years, the world was ruined by a great fire that destroyed the earth.

Of course, two humans survived and started the fourth age and, of course, the humans of the fourth age were wiped out by a rain of blood and fire. No food could grow and everyone starved.

…this brings us up to date – up to the fifth age, which is the one we live in now. The fifth age began in 3113 BC and will end with earthquakes on 21st December, 2012. So, start stocking up with tins of tomato soup and toilet rolls! I’m not really worried, as it’s probably never going to happen.

Still… I wonder who the two survivors will be?

Enjoy your 2012. Make it the best year yet.

The Valentich Incidence

21st October, 1978: The Valentich Incident

While flying over the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Australia, pilot Frederick Valentich radioed in that he’d spotted an enormous UFO. Neither he nor his aircraft were ever seen again.

At 19.06, Valentich radioed in to ask for information on other aircraft at his altitude and was told that there was no other traffic at that level. Valentich went on to explain that he could see a large unknown aircraft that was moving at high speeds. He said that the pilot of the other aircraft was, “purposely toying with him.”

At 19.09, Valentich began to describe the aircraft, saying it was “long, with a shiny metal surface and … illuminated by four bright landing lights.” This was followed by 28 seconds silence before Valentich reported that the aircraft had vanished. After a further 25 second break in communication he said that the aircraft was now approaching from the southwest.

At 19.12, Valentich reported that he was experiencing engine problems. There was a brief silence until he said, “its hovering and it’s not an aircraft,” The microphone was left open for 17 seconds, in which strange, metallic, scraping noises could be heard. Then all contact was lost.

For two weeks, the department of transport investigated into the cause of his disappearance, but was unable to find the cause. A sea and sky search was undertaken and two aircraft searched fruitlessly for over a week. But Valentich, and his aircraft, had vanished off the face of the earth.

Brooke Shaden Photography

A friend recently introduced me to Brook Shaden’s surreal photography. And before long, I was as addicted as she is!

I just love her work. They are so original, so imaginative, just brimming with ideas and creativity. Looking at them takes me away from this boring old world and into someplace where anything can happen.

The stories behind the pictures sometimes leap out at you, capture your heart… sometimes they take a while to reveal themselves. I feel inspired to write something – anything! – after looking at her fantastic work.

Each picture is its own story. Each has layers of meanings, hidden symbolism. They are beautiful, eerie, disturbing, emotional, freaky and brilliant.

Brooke Shaden says, “There is a particular feeling to all of my photographs, one that touches on the juxtaposition of the real yet surreal, a fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality.”

Interested? Why not visit Brook Shaden’s website here.

Magical Transport

Me and my friend, Rosie, began talking (bizarrely) about forms of magical transport. We both immediately agreed that ‘Flying’ would be the ultimate, top-of-the-list transport. We had some very intresting conversations- I think anyone listening would assume we were messed up, intrested in obsure things or talking in code. Here is an example:

Tanitha: Do you think the Flying Shoes should go above, or below Floo Powder?

Rosie: Floo powder only works in homes of Wizards, right? And only ones that have got a fire…

Tanitha: Yeah, but the shoes are slow. You can go anywhere in the world with Floo Powder and there’s no delay.

Rosie: Okay, put Floo Powder above the shoes. I think that the CatBus is too unrealiable to go high up on the list. It doesn’t always come when called… and it is a bus, after all.

Tanitha: What could be better than a CAT which is a BUS?!

We talked for about half on hour, constantly adding new ones (“OOHMIGAWSH, we nearly forgot Hermes’ flying shoes!”), rearranging the list and arguing about what should go where (“BROOMS SHOULD BE HIGHER UP!”), we had finished. This is the final copy of The List:

  1. Flying (Peter Pan style)
  2. Apparation (from Harry Potter)
  3. The TARIS
  4. Naäusica’s Flying Machine
  5. Dragons (Eragon style)
  6. Shadow Travel (a travel belonging to children of Hades/hellhounds only, from Percy Jackson)
  7. Hoverboards
  8. Hagrid’s Flying Motorbike
  9. Broomstick
  10. Hatting (from The Adjustment Bureau)
  11. Thestrals (HP)
  12. The Catbus (from My Neighbour Totoro)
  13. Hermes’ Flying Shoes (from Percy Jackson)
  14. Floo Powder
  15. Inking (the travel between the worlds of books, from Inkheart)

Has a book ever brought you to tears?

Yes, many times. A good book makes you laugh, gasp and cry, all at the same time.

I’ve cried in The Hunger Games when Rue dies. The song, especially, brought me to tears. I was sobbing all over the pages. It’s just so sad- Rue is totally innocent and young and she doesn’t deserve to die. It’s always a shock, too, even if you know it’s going to happen.

And also in The Host, when Wanda is talking about giving up her life to save Melanie. All those goodbyes… every time you know she’s doing something for the last time… it’s heartbreaking, honestly. I cried all the way through the last ten chapters.

If a book makes you cry, it’s an amazing book. The book I laughed the most in was Eldest, when Saphina got hiccups. That might not sound hilarious to you, but I remember putting the book down on my lap and laughing for five minuites straight. I picked it up again, read one line, and burst out with another fit of giggles. I couldn’t help it!

The Lock Bridge

In france, we passed a couple of these ‘Lock Bridges’. At first I thought that it was just a load of supistious nonsence, but when somebody explained to me what they really are, I thought it was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

The people belive that if you etch the name of a loved one onto a padlock, lock it to the bridge and make sure that the key is never ever touched by anyone other than themselves, the loved one will be kept safe from harm.

Just think. Every single lock represents a person, a person that is so loved that somebody wants them to never be harmed again. Some bridges where so covered in locks that you could no longer see the original bridge colour.

Beautiful Weather- But I’m Sweating To Death!

Lately, the weather has been beautiful. It’s been lovely and warm at seven in the morning, and all day long there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky. I don’t need my duvet and I can leave the window open all night. The temperatures have soared above normal and I feel like I’m living on the equator. Everybody is soaking up as much vitamin D as they can… 

…execpt, of course, me. Let me start by telling you that I was not made for hot weather. I get hot incredibly easily and am always complaining of overheating. But the cold? Yeah, that doesn’t bother me. I love snow, and rain, and thrashing crashing storms… but this weather is driving me insane.

When I walk to school, at eight-ish in the morning, I’m already sweating like a pig. And I don’t even have to walk that far- it’s only a mile and a quarter. But walking that same distance on the way home, at three-thirty, when the sun is hot on my back and my bag is weighing me down… let me just say, it is NOT a pleasant experience.

And our school uniform doesn’t help much either. It’s all synthetic material, not at all designed for hot weather. And, because I am utterly determinded not to one of those girls with slutty two-inch skirts, I wear thick, long, black trousers. And every day, I boil to death.

Not fun.

Paris 2011

In 28 days I will be setting off to Paris for project week. (Project week is the second-last day of term, when years 7-9 all go off and have the times of their lives for an entire week. I’ve been Kayaking and Canoeing, Dry-Slope Skiing and my grand finale is… Paris! The years above 9 go on work experience next year I want to work in Wonford RD&E).

I am SO EXCITED! I hardly ever travel, so this is like a huge adventure for me. I’ve been to New Zealand and France about three years ago, and that’s it. But that’s not the best thing… The best thing is that Helen, Rosie, Janet and Johanna (possibly the most awesome people on this round planet) are all coming too! Me and Johanna got in with the skin of our teeth (who on earth made up that stupid expression) but we still got in.

 At 5.30 AM we have to be in the school bus park. Then we spend 10 HOURS on a coach of totally hype teenagers. Then a ferry ride… and more coaches. But after that we are offically in Paris and the fun begins! I cannot wait. At all. 28 DAYS!

Easter Holidays, Week 2

It’s getting hotter- 33 degrees now!

I have got really bad sunburn on my back. You can clearly see the straps of my swimming costume! It’s my own fault, though. I went round to my friends house (All my friends are now back from their various holidays! 🙂 ) and swam in their neighbours unheated pool. We spent most of the afternoon in there, and when we came home we where all so sunburnt (we looked like lobsters).

SketchFu is totally awesome. I’m loving it more every day!

Easter Holidays, Week 1

Not much to report.

It’s the Easter holiday so I spend the days lazing around, reading and on my computer. Visited my god family at the weekend, somehow managed to pick up a throat infection (you are talking to the girl who is NEVER ill). Nothing interesting is happening, really! All of my lovely friends are on holiday.

On the upside, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Each day is more sunny than the last, and it’s only April! If this keeps up, I’ll have a tan by September.

I’m reading the CHERUB series, which if you haven’t heard of yet are quite good. They are about these teenager kids who are secret agents. The plot is great, but unfortunately the main character, James, is a horrible guy with violence issues who spends every spare second being mean to his little sister and his friends. The reader can find it hard to sympathise with him. After all this, it’s not like you go, ‘Oh, I’m so desperate to find out if James survives this adventure!’. It’s more lightly that you’re gonna say; ‘I hope he dies, the scumbag.’


Easter Holidays, at last!

Today was my last day of school, which meant Final Assembly. Everybody hates FA! The entire school crowds into the sports hall, and we sit for an mind-numbingly boring hour on the freezing concrete, listening to the teachers give award after award. It’s incredibly tedious, but our school has an age-old tradition. At the end of the assembly, our headmistress hands over to the sixth-formers and we all chant:

Sixth Form: Oggie, oggie, oggie!

School: Oi, oi, oi!

Sixth Form: Oggie, oggie, oggie!

School: Oi, Oi, Oi!

Sixth Form: Oggie!

School: Oi!

Sixth Form: Oggie!

School: Oi!


School: OI! OI! OI!

The Oggie symbolises the end of school, and makes you leave on a high note. When I think of it, the word that comes to mind is: FREEDOM! I can’t wait till I’m in sixth form. But for the next two weeks, I have utter relaxation. The sun is shining, I don’t have to carry my achingly heavy bag to school any more, and a huge pile of books await! It’s going to be bliss…


I’m depressed. I have no swimming untill the 5th May! I love swimming so, so much. Can’t wait untill it starts again! On the last session I swam 106 lengths.  I love long distance. I have good pace, so I can pretty much swim or run a mile without getting too tired. However, I can’t sprint AT ALL! Would you rather run the 1500 or swim 60 lengths? (It’s the same distance). I would rather swim, it’s less tiring.

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