BBF-COAT: Luna Lovegood

I can’t believe it: this is my very last BFF-COAT post! (In case you didn’t already know, ‘Best Female Fiction Characters Of All Time’). The subject of this post is the dotty Luna Lovegood.

Luna is crazy. She is completely different from everyone else, and everyone tends to keep away from her. And yet, Luna is totally loyal to Harry; years and years after Dumbledore’s Army, she still answers the call when it comes and is by Harry’s side to help. Luna is never embarrassed or self-conscious. She might be rather tactless, but I think the fact that she says what she thinks means that she’s totally honest. She doesn’t take rude comments to heart, and nothing gets her down- not even when she’s trapped, injured or imprisoned. She is calm in the face of danger and – although a little odd – a worthy holder of the ‘BFF-COAT’



I just had to have Éowyn on this list! For those of you who haven’t sat through 9 hours of film or 600 pages of story, Éowyn is from the Lord of the Rings. Her uncle is  Theoden King, and he rides off to battle and tells her to stay home and keep safe. But, being stubbon, she grabs her armour and follows him. During the fight, he is targeted by the Witch-King of the Nazgûl. Injured and without help, Éowyn runs over to defend him. She is amazing, totally fearless and not very ladylike!

“But the helm of her secrecy had fallen from her, and her bright hair, released from its bonds, gleamed with pale gold upon her shoulders. Her eyes grey as the sea were hard and fell, and yet tears were on her cheek. A sword was in her hand, and she raised her shield against the horror of her enemy’s eyes….
     Suddenly the great beast beat its hideous wings, and the wind of them was foul. Again it leaped into the air, and then swiftly fell down upon Éowyn, shrieking, striking with beak and claw.
     Still she did not blench: a maiden of the Rohirrim, child of kings, slender but as a steel-blade, fair yet terrible. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly. The outstretched neck she clove asunder, and the hewn head fell like a stone…”

“I fear neither death nor pain.” Éowyn said, not looking at him but slamming her sword back into its sheath. “What do you fear, my lady?” Aragorn asked softly. Éowyn stood slowly and looked him the eye. “A cage. To be held behind bars until I am usless and old age accepts me.”


BFF-COAT: A Random Thought

Just a random thought here. What do all of my favorite female characters have in common? They are strong, independent, free, strong-minded, unafraid ladies who’ll fight for what they love.

Now that I think about it, that’s reflecting the kind of person I really want to be.

BFF-COAT: Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen is the main character is the Hunger Games trilogy. She made it on onto this list for quite a few reasons:

She is extremely caring and puts her family before everything- even her own life. She sacrifices herself for her younger sister, Prim.

She can survive in an environment where every decision you make results in life or death, and everyone around you is out to kill you. Amazingly brave and strong- she kept herself together when most people would’ve broken down.

She is AMAZING with a bow and arrow! (Reading those books made me want to be able to shoot SO bad.) She’s the perfect mix of kindness and strength,  love and instinct.

BFF-COAT: Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a teenage girl from the Maximum Ride series (what a surprise!). One of the reasons Max is awesome is because she has wings (long story), but that’s not all. She is the eldest out of six children, the youngest of which is only four, all of which she manages to not only protect, care for, but keep secret from a world that is only too interested in them. She’s brave, loving, and an amazing fighter. Even better, she’s a tomboy! (What girl doesn’t love a good tomboy?)


“Flying west without Max was like flying with one wing missing, Fang thought. He kept seeing her face: furious, confused and, even though she would never admit it, scared. He’d seen that face just about every day of his entire life. He’d seen it filthy with caked-on dirt, bruised and bloodied, snarling, laughing, sleeping, telling complicated lies with total sincerity…”

BFF-COAT: Alba DeTamble

Alba is from ‘The Time Travellers Wife’. She has long, black cirly hair and a few freckles. She is described as being ‘like a young cat’. But even better than that- her father is a time traveller as the genes where passed on to her.

Alba is playing in the yard with an older girl. The girl is about seven. She has long dark hair and she is barefoot. She wears a dirty T-shirt with the Cubs’ logo on it. They are both sitting on the ground, facing each other. The girl has her back to us. Alba is smiling at her and gesturing with her hands as though she is flying. The girl shakes her head and laughs.

I look at Henry. “Who is that?”

“That’s Alba.”

“Yes, but who’s with her?”

Henry smiles, but his eyebrows pull together so that the smile seems worried. “Claire, that’s Alba when she’s older. She’s time travelling.”

How cool is that?! Her father dies when she’s five, and she goes back a couple of times to see him. There’s this one time when it’s her father with his old girlfriend looking for their car. It’s really late at night, they’re both drunk,  when suddenly she runs out of the shadows, points out the car, darts her father-to-be a kiss and skips off again. It’s so cool.

BFF-COAT: Jessica Mastraini

I’ve talked about this book before, so you may already know a little about Jess. Unlike most other teenager girls, she never wears skirts, she is obsessed with motorbikes, spends most of her school life in detention… oh yeah, and half the FBI is on her back. She also has the physic ability to find anyone, anywhere. I love her attitude, her loyalty, and above all her firm sense of right and wrong. Her brother, Douglas, has Schizophenia, and when a popular insults him, this is her reaction:

“She’s got to go on vacation sometime. I mean, she properly needs it, living with that retard and all.”

“Oh, God,” I heard Ruth moan. Then she carefully lifted her tray out of the line of fire.

That’s because, of course, Ruth knew. There aren’t many things that will make me forget all the anger-management counselling I’ve received from Mr Goodhart, upstairs in the guidance office. But even after nearly two years of being instructed to count to ten before giving in to my anger – and nearly two years of detention for having failed miserably to do so – any derogatory mention of my brother Douglas still sets me off. About a second after Heather made her ill-advised comment, she was pinned up against the cinder block wall behind her.

And my hand was what was holding her there. By her neck.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you,” I hissed at her, my face about two inches from hers, “that it is rude to make fun of people who are less fortunate than you?”

She’s the sort of girl I wish I was! But her violence does sometimes lead her into sticky situations… Still, Jess deserves her place as one of the Best Female Fictional Characters Of All Time. (What a mouthful!)

BFF-COAT: Teresa

Another strong character! Teresa is from The Maze Runner, a most excellent book that I love wholeheartedly. The main character of the book is a boy called Thomas. It all begins with him in a lift, going upwards. When he arrives he finds himself in a place called the Glade, surrounded by other boys. Thomas cannot remember anything about himself apart from his name, but after living with the boys for a little while he finds that everyone is like that.

Every month, a new boy gets sent up in the lift (which the boys nicknamed ‘The Hole’). All the boys are working together for one thing: to escape. Surrounding the Glade is a maze. And living in the maze are the Greivers. These are terrible, half-animal, half-machine creatures. At night, when the doors close, the Greivers come out into the maze. The Gladers think that if they run the maze every day they will one day find the way out.

Then, one day, a girl (Teresa) comes up in the box. In two years of the boys living here, a girl has never arrived. The next day the sun doesn’t rise. Then, the weekly supplies that are supposted to come up in the box don’t arrive. The final straw is the doors. They don’t close one night, leaving the entire glade open to attack from the Greivers. Mayhem insues, and the boys, looking for a scapegoat, blame Teresa, her being the last to come up. They lock her up. How does she react?

But before Teresa could answer, Newt was running out of the woods. “How in the…?” he said as he pulled up in front of them. Alby and a few others were right behind him. Newt looked at Teresa. “How’d you get here? Med-jack said you were there one second and buggin’ gone the next.”

Teresa stood up, surprising Thomas with her confidence. “Guess he forgot to tell the little part about me kicking him in the groin and climbing out the window.”

Thomas almost laughed as Newt turned to an older boy standing nearby, whose face had turned bright red.

“Congrats, Jeff,” Newt said. “You’re officially the first guy here to get your butt beat by a girl.”

Teresa didn’t stop. “Keep talking like that and you’ll be next.”

Not only that, but she is perfectly calm even though all hell has broken loose. What’s not to love?!

BFF-COAT: Kestrel

I have decided to do a list of the ‘Best Female Fictional Characters Of All Time’ (BFF-COAT!) I’m going to start the list off with Kestrel, from The Wind Singer trilogy by William Nickolson.

Kestrel is a rebel. In a city where exams are everything, where tests determine status and every little thing is highly competitive, she decides that she’s had enough. At first, she is reasonably tame, and moves to sit at the back of the class. Then after a heated argument with the teacher, she storms out of the classroom, climbs the huge tower that is in the center of the city, and begins screaming rude words at the top of her lungs, insulting the system, the exams, everything. She is strong willed, impossible to tame, and she doesn’t give a toss of what other people think of her. I was reading The Wind Singer today when I found an even BETTER quote! Here it is:

“Bowman made no more attempts to control his sister. He knew her too well. When she got into one of her rages, there was no reasoning with her until her passions where exhausted. The school teacher was right: Kestrel had become a wild thing. The wildness coursed through her, glorious and liberating, as she swung from side to side on the top of the wind singer, and shouted all the terrible unthinkable thoughts that had been buried within her for so long. She had gone so far now, she had broken so many rules and said such wicked things, that she knew she would suffer the most severe punishment: and since what she had done could not be undone, she was free to be as bad as she liked.”


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