Goodnight Kiss

Boy in bed

A young child waits alone in the dark
His duvet pulled up to his chin
He waits for his goodnight kiss
But his mother forgot about him.

He can hear her voice, drifting upstairs
She giggles, gossips, drinks tea
And while her son waits alone in the dark
She laughs, obliviously

While upstairs her son is alone in the dark
Thinking, “She doesn’t love me.”



  1. It wasn’t true, she really did care
    She just got stuck on the phone
    You know what it’s like when she’s on a call
    It’s like a dog with a bone!

    Don’t be sad when you feel all forgot
    Half asleep & drowsy
    Mum & Dad do love you so much
    Sorry their timekeeping is lousy!

    Dad xxxx


  2. Oh, what a heartbreaking poem! You’re such a talented writer. I hope it’s okay if I drop you a line here; I just wanted to let you know that two of your submissions for the Picture it & Write publication have been published.

    We’re sorry it took so long, but we hope the final product is worth the wait. Ebook is done and paperback is in the proof stage. Happy reading! Thank you for being a part of this project.


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