The Strawberry Picker

The Strawberry Picker is a crime novel set in a sunny, peaceful, idyllic part of Germany. Everything is perfect: the summer is just in bloom, and everything is beautiful. Rows and rows of scarlet strawberrys infuse the air with sweetness. But this illusion of heaven is quickly torn to shreds by a string of terrible murders.

This is unlike any other crime story I’ve ever read. The identity of the murderer is not a massive secret: the brilliance of this particular book is the way it juggles so many complex and realistic characters at the same time and still manages to have you turning the pages in a fever.

The climax is one that will set your heart racing; as all the pieces fall into place it begins to dawn on you just how much danger they are all in…

A great story that kept me hooked from the begining. The characters are all so complex and likeable that I had to continue reading, if only to discover their fates.



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