Little Red Riding Hood

The trees press in on me, their dark depths clawing at the folds of my scarlet dress. One foot in front of the other. Walk, and keep walking. A grip of iron on a basket on cookies. Don’t look behind, don’t look into the dark. One foot forwards. Eyes straight ahead. Don’t blink.

I can hear their breath rasping in the woods. I can feel the damp, hot breath on my bare legs. I keep walking, my numb fingers clutching the straw basket. Cookies. I’m about to die and all I can think of are the stupid cookies. One foot in front of the other. I’m stiff with fear, walking like a robot. My cheeks flush with terror, hot blood pooling beneath my fragile skin, just waiting to be ripped open…

Suddenly I can’t stand it. My foot halts in mid air. I slam it down, spin around and face the pack of wild wolves. They stop, shocked into stillness. I throw the cookie basket as hard and as far as I can. They shatter against a tree, scattering among the tall grasses. Adrenaline sweeps away my fear, my hesitation, my boundaries.

“This forest does not belong to only you! I do not want to spend my entire life terrified! Why can’t you just… leave me alone!”

Their ears pin back against their heads, and as one body, a growl rises. Their dark fur – as dark as the wood – rises in sharp spikes. I just stand there in my blood-red dress, fists clenched by my sides. Around my bare feet are cookie crumbs, scattered and broken. One girl, alone, against a pack of wild wolves of the woods. My cheeks flush red with rage. Hot blood, pooling, waiting to be ripped open…



  1. “hot blood pooling beneath my fragile skin, just waiting to be ripped open…” I was like, yum…no I’m kidding nice describing there! And loving the opening sentence.


  2. This is great, Tanitha! Definitely my favorite contribution this week! I’m always a fool for first person stories. I would have loved for the basket to be carrying something besides cookies so that Red Riding Hood was completely discarded. And yes, the flushed cheeks waiting to be torn open is awesome!


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