The Valentich Incidence

21st October, 1978: The Valentich Incident

While flying over the Bass Strait between Tasmania and Australia, pilot Frederick Valentich radioed in that he’d spotted an enormous UFO. Neither he nor his aircraft were ever seen again.

At 19.06, Valentich radioed in to ask for information on other aircraft at his altitude and was told that there was no other traffic at that level. Valentich went on to explain that he could see a large unknown aircraft that was moving at high speeds. He said that the pilot of the other aircraft was, “purposely toying with him.”

At 19.09, Valentich began to describe the aircraft, saying it was “long, with a shiny metal surface and … illuminated by four bright landing lights.” This was followed by 28 seconds silence before Valentich reported that the aircraft had vanished. After a further 25 second break in communication he said that the aircraft was now approaching from the southwest.

At 19.12, Valentich reported that he was experiencing engine problems. There was a brief silence until he said, “its hovering and it’s not an aircraft,” The microphone was left open for 17 seconds, in which strange, metallic, scraping noises could be heard. Then all contact was lost.

For two weeks, the department of transport investigated into the cause of his disappearance, but was unable to find the cause. A sea and sky search was undertaken and two aircraft searched fruitlessly for over a week. But Valentich, and his aircraft, had vanished off the face of the earth.



  1. Omg this is the thing you showed me and helen wasn’t it!!!?!?!? OH its brilliant, i love the paranormal!! This is a brilliant post…PLEASE do more of these which give you goose bumps, because you know that its real and there are facts behind it 🙂 I LOVE IT!!!


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