Molly Moon

I picked up one of the Molly Moon books the other day and suddenly found myself re-reading all of them again, sucked in to their imaginative world of hypnotism, friendships and dangerous adventures.

The first book is called ‘Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism’. It is about  Molly, an orphan who lives in a cruel, cold orphanage – ruled by the nasty Miss Adderstone. But Molly’s miserable life changes suddenly when she finds a book on hypnotism and she discovers that she is a very talented hypnotist. With her best friend, Rocky, she goes on an amazing adventure to New York… but soon finds that her unique talents are sought after by villains with less-than-innocent ideas in mind.


The second book is called, ‘Molly Moon Stops the World’ and is an exciting adventure in Los Angeles, where Molly must defeat a meglomaniac who is using his hypnotism to become president. Molly’s skills are tested to the extreme – and she realises that she may not be an orphan after all…




The third is entitled, ‘Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time-Travel Adventure’ and is my ultimate favourite out of the four! Molly is kidnapped and taken through time to India, 1870, by a nasty piece of work called Waqt, where he plans to kill her so that she never finds the book on hypnotism. This is my favourite book because it’s so imaginative and takes you to places you’ve never been – riding an elephant, walking through the Indian streets, watching monsoon rains fall.


The fourth book is named, ‘Molly Moon, Micky Minus and the Mind Machine’. In this book, Molly is whisked into 2250 to try to locate her missing twin who was stolen as a baby. But soon she discovers that he was kidnapped by the maniac Princess Fang… and she finds herself in a world full of fantastic technology, space age vehicles, crazy clothing… and totally out of her depth!


These are fantastic books that every teenager and child should read! I read them when I was about ten, and adored them then – and even after five years they haven’t lost their shine! Parents, if you have a child aged 9-15, then buy them this series. Not only will they love you forever but you’ll enjoy reading it to them as well!

They are stuffed full of exciting adventures, hypnotic adventures and plot twists that’ll leave you reeling.

“Tired of Harry Potter?

Try Molly Moon… fast, funny and original”

The Telegraph

“It is hard to imagine a child who would not enjoy this original, funny and inventive book”

Eva Ibbotson


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