Brooke Shaden Photography

A friend recently introduced me to Brook Shaden’s surreal photography. And before long, I was as addicted as she is!

I just love her work. They are so original, so imaginative, just brimming with ideas and creativity. Looking at them takes me away from this boring old world and into someplace where anything can happen.

The stories behind the pictures sometimes leap out at you, capture your heart… sometimes they take a while to reveal themselves. I feel inspired to write something – anything! – after looking at her fantastic work.

Each picture is its own story. Each has layers of meanings, hidden symbolism. They are beautiful, eerie, disturbing, emotional, freaky and brilliant.

Brooke Shaden says, “There is a particular feeling to all of my photographs, one that touches on the juxtaposition of the real yet surreal, a fantasy and a dream yet riddled with reality.”

Interested? Why not visit Brook Shaden’s website here.



  1. I found a photographer like this once, but I forgot what she was called. It’s annoying. And these images are amazing, telling a story with every picture. You can tell that she has different feelings and emotions, and they’re all so surreal they just make you want to run away and hide in like a tree. Or is that just me.


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