The Drifter took Clarence.
And then disappeared.
They said he wasn’t ever coming back.
But the first snow’s coming…
And he’s coming too.
Drifter, Drifter’s coming for you.


This is the freakiest book I have read in an awful long time. It tells the tale of Dylan, whose town is haunted by the murder of Clarence, who was killed ten years ago. Dylan and her friends grew up in the constant fear that the Drifter would strike again. But he never did.

Until now. In a nearby town, news comes of the murder of a child. A week later, another dead. The Drifter is on the march again, and with every corspe he gets a little closer to their town…

This book has no blood or gore. The murders are not discussed in detail. You wouldn’t have thought this book would scare you. But the thing that makes this book creepy is the presence of fear. It’s the unpredictability of Vrettos’s writing. It’s the fact that you can’t guess where the book is taking you, and until the last page you aren’t sure if the ending is going to be happy or sad.

There are so many unexpected twists and layers of secrets. As the Drifter crawls closer to the town, the tension rises to boiling point. Friendships shatter under the pressure. And Dylan’s secret of Sight is revealed…


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