Hunger Games Movie Offical Trailer

It’s finally here! The official trailer for the Hunger Games movie has been released.

It looks AMAZING. The lines are straight out the book and it stays true to Suzanne Colin’s descriptions. The trailer hooked me completely and I am getting so desperate to find out what happens! I really hope that the rest of the movie is as exhilarating as the trailer makes it seem. I want to be glued to the screed. I’m so excited, I just can’t wait.

May I just add that I adored the costumes? Effie looked astonishing, exactly like someone from the Capitol should; fake, over-the-top and ridiculous. We caught a brief glimpse of Katniss’s ‘Girl On Fire’ dress and she just looked stunning. Lastly, I thought that the district costumes that all the tributes wore in training (the red, grey and black outfit) was very appropriately militarist.



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