You Are Here At Your Own Risk

You enter the wilderness at your own risk. If anyone – or anything – attacks you there, the fault is all yours. If you die, which happens alarmingly frequently, your family cannot do anything about it. To enter to wilderness, you must be sure of yourself. You must be prepared. You must be confident of your abilities.

Or you will be torn to shreds.

This is a wild place. No rules, no safety net, no second attempt. The land is barren, brown hills stretching as far as the eye can see. The wind is ruthless and sweeps straight through you, chilling you to the bone. Even the weather isn’t on your side in this evil place. The storms here are brutal and so sudden that one second the sky can be a pale grey, the next as black as midnight. No animals live here. Only mutations, things that snarl and growl and snap with razor-sharp teeth.

There are signs surrounding the wilderness. Big, bold, blood-red; impossible to miss. YOU ARE HERE AT YOUR OWN RISK. And it’s true.

Once you’ve set foot into the wasteland, you become a walking target. And its only a matter of time until something decides to attack…

Credit for image to HelenShroom


  1. *high five* that is awesome!!!
    I have a picture like that but its in german,
    “Betreten auf eigener gefahr!” – enter at you own risk
    This is really cool
    I don’t know immediatly whats the plot it’s a bit confusing at the beginning
    But it’s still VERY awesome πŸ˜›


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