A Warning Regarding Bonfires

A bonfire is the badass elder brother of a candle flame. He swaggers and swears and spits sparks ten feet high, watching in satisfied contempt as people gasp and cry and brush the red-hot ash off their sensitive skin. A bonfire swears with words so foul that the pure night air turns to deadly, smothering smoke. He is untameable, unstoppable; if he where able, a bonfire would spread its fiery arms out and set whole fields, whole forests alight. A bonfire is greedy. To feed him, you need to keep giving and giving. But he’ll give you nothing; just turn on you when you cease to deliver and devour you instead. A bonfire has no mercy and never hesitates. So watch out; have a great evening, but remember: a bonfire is dangerous, unpredictable and can be… deadly.

Credit for image to HelenShroom


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