Magical Transport

Me and my friend, Rosie, began talking (bizarrely) about forms of magical transport. We both immediately agreed that ‘Flying’ would be the ultimate, top-of-the-list transport. We had some very intresting conversations- I think anyone listening would assume we were messed up, intrested in obsure things or talking in code. Here is an example:

Tanitha: Do you think the Flying Shoes should go above, or below Floo Powder?

Rosie: Floo powder only works in homes of Wizards, right? And only ones that have got a fire…

Tanitha: Yeah, but the shoes are slow. You can go anywhere in the world with Floo Powder and there’s no delay.

Rosie: Okay, put Floo Powder above the shoes. I think that the CatBus is too unrealiable to go high up on the list. It doesn’t always come when called… and it is a bus, after all.

Tanitha: What could be better than a CAT which is a BUS?!

We talked for about half on hour, constantly adding new ones (“OOHMIGAWSH, we nearly forgot Hermes’ flying shoes!”), rearranging the list and arguing about what should go where (“BROOMS SHOULD BE HIGHER UP!”), we had finished. This is the final copy of The List:

  1. Flying (Peter Pan style)
  2. Apparation (from Harry Potter)
  3. The TARIS
  4. Naäusica’s Flying Machine
  5. Dragons (Eragon style)
  6. Shadow Travel (a travel belonging to children of Hades/hellhounds only, from Percy Jackson)
  7. Hoverboards
  8. Hagrid’s Flying Motorbike
  9. Broomstick
  10. Hatting (from The Adjustment Bureau)
  11. Thestrals (HP)
  12. The Catbus (from My Neighbour Totoro)
  13. Hermes’ Flying Shoes (from Percy Jackson)
  14. Floo Powder
  15. Inking (the travel between the worlds of books, from Inkheart)


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