Thoughts of a Captive Alien

I dream of running, fleeing through the stars. Escaping from the creatures that hurt me. Flying faster than light. Unbound, uncatchable, unattainable. Free.

And yet, when I wake, I am still here.

Trapped. Bound. Held. Captive.

A Prisoner. In a glass coffin, tied tightly in a steel blanket

Buckled up, locked in, tightened down until every breath hurts

And those creatures!

They press their flabby faces against the glass of my cage, inches above

With those predators eyes – and yet, powerless

No visible claws, or fangs, or deadly spikes, or terrible tenticles

If I escape…

NO. When I escape, they will receive no mercy from me. After all they’ve done…

I’ve been prodded, poked and gassed. I’ve had needles shoved in me and been subject to electric shocks. They pressed a hard, cold circle into my chest, experemented on me and removed my life blood.

I’ve been force-fed, kept without water. They’ve tested their meds on me and I’ve nearly died.

I came here to escape from one evil alien. I thought,

I’ll hide on this planet. Don’t it look good? Blue and green and white and yellow and orange and grey. Pretty. Populated. One shift, and I’ll be safe. Hidden. Lie low, till the danger goes. Then leave. Simple… right?

But I fled from one evil alien into the hands of another.

I will escape,

Get my revenge,

And then I’m going home.

After this, I deserve a freaking medal.



  1. Wow. This is one of the best post I’ve read in a long time. It’s incredible and I am a bit of sucker for anything alien related. You deserve a medal for this post (that was cheesey wasn’t it?).


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