The Son of Neptune

Rick Riordan has officially done it again. No-one even comes close to his awesomeness. And his latest book in the Heroes of Olympus series is truly amazing.

The Son of Neptune began with our favourite hero, Percy Jackson, fleeing from two Gorgons. But something strange is going on… normally, when you kill a monster, it disintegrates into dust and is sent down into Tartus, where it stays for a least a hundred years or so.

But every time Percy kills the snake sisters, they form straight away from the dust. Something weird is going on.

And yet, is is the least of Percy’s problems. His memories have been well and trulywiped; he can’t remember anything from the last sixteen years of his life. Only one word really means something to him: Annabeth. On top of all this, Percy finds himself in a Roman camp called Camp Jupiter. He meets the cursed Hazel and a rather aloof looking guy called Frank. Together, they embark on a dangerous quest which takes them all the way to Alaska- the land beyond the Gods.

At first, I really hated the Roman Camp. It was all about rules, and status, and there seemed to be bad guys everywhere. But by the end I was starting to like it- mainly because of the fact that you can live there, have children there, settle down… something that you can’t seem to do at Camp Half-Blood.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but the ending is absolutely amazing. I turned the last page and started cussing Riordan for leaving the world’s hugest cliffhanger at the end. Oh, but the next book is going to be v-e-r-y interesting!

For those of you who have read the book, the demigods in The Prophesy of Seven are as follows:

Percy Jackson: son of the Greek God, Poseidon. Child of The Big Three, power over water. Annabeth’s boyfriend. Praetor of Camp Jupiter. “You are unswervingly loyal, and you inspire loyalty. You are the glue that will unite The Seven.”

Annabeth Chase: daughter of the Greek Goddess, Athena. Strategist, battle planner, rational thinker. Percy’s girlfriend. “The one who will cause you the most trouble is the one closest to you – the one who hates me the most.” Percy felt his anger rising again. “Annabeth?” The goddess smiled dryly. “She has a hard task ahead of her when you arrive in Rome. Whether she is up to it… I do not know.”

Jason Grace: son of the Roman God, Jupiter. Child of The Big Three, power over the sky and can fly. Brother of Thalia Grace.  Praetor of Camp Jupiter. Piper’s boyfriend but very close to Reyna. “The way you talk about Jason…” Percy said. “Were you two a couple?” Reyna’s eyes bored into his. “We might have been,” Reyna said, “Given time. Praetors work closely together.”

Leo Valdez: son of the Greek God, Hephaestus. The first fire user since 1666- he can burst into flames whenever he wants. To Hazel he is ‘Sammy Valdez’, her boyfriend from 1940 who should be really dead. Built the warship, the ‘Argo II’.

Piper McLean: daughter of the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. Has the power to Charmspeak; she can make people do what she wants them to. Senior Counselor of the Aphrodite cabin. Jason’s girlfriend.

Frank Zhang: son of the Roman God, Mars. Can shapeshift. Is distantly related to the Roman God Neptune and is therefore related to Percy Jackson. Fancies Hazel.

Hazel Levesque: daughter of the Roman God, Pluto. Child of The Big Three, power over the earth. Can summon cursed gemstones and precious metal. Died in 1940 and was in the underworld for a long time. Brought out by Nico di Angelo, who is her adopted brother. Fancies Frank, but Leo is her ‘Sammy’, her boyfriend from 1940 who she was destined to marry before she died. “It’s Sammy Valdez,” She said. “It can’t be,” Percy said. “That guy’s name is Leo. And it’s been seventy-something years…”



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