Captain Katterli Chang

This post is dedicated to a clever Conspiracy…

* * *

She scraped back her hair into a tight bun, catching every loose hair that attempted to escape. The chipped mirror in the corner of her tent beckonded temptingly. The lady sighed, strode over and glanced at her reflection. Her hard grey eyes looked back.

She had always prided herself on not being girlie- of never wearing makeup. Her face was weather beaten and beginning to show the first signs of age. The heat and wind of the hostile desert had given her sunburn. Her uniform was covered in red dust and really needed a wash… but what did she care about her appearance? She was back where she belonged. Everything, down to the way she wore her hair, was familiar and welcoming.

Going back to China had been a bad decision. The luxuries, the spoilt, pampered lifestyle; it wasn’t for her. She didn’t want to grow old and decrepid and be a burden to those around her. Her ambition was to help. To fight. And that was exactly what she was doing. She marched out of her tent to find her troops already waiting for her. She faced them, hands on hips, legs apart.

Captain Katterli Chang of the Sixth Eastborn Regiment stood and addressed her men with one eyebrow raised and a smile that meant trouble. “Right, my boys…” She drawled. “Let’s go kick some ass.”


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