Has a book ever brought you to tears?

Yes, many times. A good book makes you laugh, gasp and cry, all at the same time.

I’ve cried in The Hunger Games when Rue dies. The song, especially, brought me to tears. I was sobbing all over the pages. It’s just so sad- Rue is totally innocent and young and she doesn’t deserve to die. It’s always a shock, too, even if you know it’s going to happen.

And also in The Host, when Wanda is talking about giving up her life to save Melanie. All those goodbyes… every time you know she’s doing something for the last time… it’s heartbreaking, honestly. I cried all the way through the last ten chapters.

If a book makes you cry, it’s an amazing book. The book I laughed the most in was Eldest, when Saphina got hiccups. That might not sound hilarious to you, but I remember putting the book down on my lap and laughing for five minuites straight. I picked it up again, read one line, and burst out with another fit of giggles. I couldn’t help it!



  1. I was weeping by the end of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother, and at the end of We the Living by Ayn Rand (note to self: don’t read Doctorow or Rand while on lunch break at work. It always ends badly) and I’m pretty sure I was crying by the end of Mary Doria Russell’s The Sparrow.


  2. Hunger Games, I share your tears when Rue dies. I was like “NAOOO!”.
    In the Book Thief. That is the most amazing book ever. Right at the end, you didn’t expect it to happen… brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
    I swear there’s more, but I can’t remember.


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