Spaced Out


Hard earth presses into my back as I lie down. Away from the street lights, the stars seem so much brighter and clearer- as though a fog hiding the heavens had been blown away by a breeze.

The sky is all I can see: stretching from horizon to horizon like a dark canvas speckled in star-dust. The distant rumbled roar of a hungry aeroplane crawls across the sky. I sigh. My breath hovers, a white cloud, before being torn to tatters by the gentle wind. It seems I cannot escape human stupidity, even here.

It’s a strange feeling, gazing up like this. I feel as though a hundred tons of air and heavens and space are shoving me down, pinning me to the ground like scientists pin dead butterflies to paper. I am crushed, unable to move, unable even to breath…

…And yet, the sky is a bottomless pit, with a few pinpricks of light millions of miles away. With nothing to cling to, I am pulled by gravity and dragged down, down down… falling, toppling head over heels, arms and legs spreadeagled, trying desperately to grab hold of something – anything! – to break my fall into chaos.

Feeling hopelessly trapped and utterly free at the same time is making my head spin. I manage to wretch myself back to reality and feel my madness ebb away from me. The stars shimmer as my vision blurs and then settles back down. I stand, a hand to my temple, and begin to walk unsteadily away. My balance seems to be impaired, like a drunkard.

‘Too much space.’ I tell myself as I go back inside.

‘Just too much space.’


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rosie
    Sep 30, 2011 @ 18:28:18

    Amazing, utterly amazing. I loved that piece of defiantly one of your best, I especially LOVED the bit about scientist and butterfly’s. Also the utterly free and hopelessly trapped that was just awesome. Just, like WOW.


  2. HelenShroom
    Oct 01, 2011 @ 19:10:12

    No-one comments on my blog anymore, you’re lucky you get comments. xD.
    Love it.


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