Phantom Feline – Ghost Cat

Dark skies, bright streetlights

Sitting shotgun, driving nowhere fast

Staring out the window with glazed eyes.

Seeing nothing, feeling nothing.

A noise draws my attention away from the window, just for a second

And when I look back out

I catch the briefest glimpse, the smallest look, the most fleeting observation-

But the image burned into my memory.

It had been a cat- a pure, white, sharp outline

Against the black grass: a silhouette

A cat, sitting

Prim, proper and upright-

Its yellow-green eyes looking, just for a moment, right at me

So somber and serious

The intelligence in its eyes: unmistakable

Trying to convey a message- trying to tell me something…

But what?

I desperately stick my head out the window, straining to catch another glimpse, as though this will solve my unquiet.

I can see the black grass, the exact spot where it had been…

…but no cat.

It was impossible that a normal cat could disappear that quickly.

But then, it was obvious, wasn’t it?

That hadn’t been a normal cat.

Sinking down in my seat, I feel shaken

As though I’ve seen a ghost.

Just for a second, my world and another world had brushed

And I hadn’t liked it.

The other world was full of knowledge that could kill,

Of things both terrible and beautiful,

Of serious, silent people weighed down by what they had seen.

I would never wish myself there.

As the car drew away, further away, my feeling of unreality grew and I began to feel more and more anxious.

Someone from that other world had contacted me.

For some reason, they were interested in me.

Fear was pooling in the pit of my stomach. And I began to wish I’d never seen

That Phantom Feline;

That Ghost Cat.


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