The Time Traveler’s Wife

To be honest, I’m surprised I haven’t posted on this before! This is my ultimate favourite book (and those who know me know just how much I read). This book is a sci-fi, an adventure, and a bittersweet love story all rolled into one.

It tells the tale of Henry and Claire. Claire first met him when she was six and he was fourty-one. Henry first met her when he was thirty-four and she was twenty-eight. Confused?

Well, this is the mixed up life that Henry leads. He is a time traveller- unwillingly, unintentionally, he disappears and finds himself in another time. He can’t control it- he can’t stop it. All he can do is try and lead an ordianry life.

This book is fabulous. It’s really, really amazing. Niffenegger is such a brilliant writer- the pages flow like poetry, and the description is so unique. There is only one downfall… this book is aimed for adults and there is content that could be inappropriate. But promise me- read this when you are older. You won’t regret it! :]


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