Beautiful Weather- But I’m Sweating To Death!

Lately, the weather has been beautiful. It’s been lovely and warm at seven in the morning, and all day long there hasn’t been a cloud in the sky. I don’t need my duvet and I can leave the window open all night. The temperatures have soared above normal and I feel like I’m living on the equator. Everybody is soaking up as much vitamin D as they can… 

…execpt, of course, me. Let me start by telling you that I was not made for hot weather. I get hot incredibly easily and am always complaining of overheating. But the cold? Yeah, that doesn’t bother me. I love snow, and rain, and thrashing crashing storms… but this weather is driving me insane.

When I walk to school, at eight-ish in the morning, I’m already sweating like a pig. And I don’t even have to walk that far- it’s only a mile and a quarter. But walking that same distance on the way home, at three-thirty, when the sun is hot on my back and my bag is weighing me down… let me just say, it is NOT a pleasant experience.

And our school uniform doesn’t help much either. It’s all synthetic material, not at all designed for hot weather. And, because I am utterly determinded not to one of those girls with slutty two-inch skirts, I wear thick, long, black trousers. And every day, I boil to death.

Not fun.


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