Paris 2011

In 28 days I will be setting off to Paris for project week. (Project week is the second-last day of term, when years 7-9 all go off and have the times of their lives for an entire week. I’ve been Kayaking and Canoeing, Dry-Slope Skiing and my grand finale is… Paris! The years above 9 go on work experience next year I want to work in Wonford RD&E).

I am SO EXCITED! I hardly ever travel, so this is like a huge adventure for me. I’ve been to New Zealand and France about three years ago, and that’s it. But that’s not the best thing… The best thing is that Helen, Rosie, Janet and Johanna (possibly the most awesome people on this round planet) are all coming too! Me and Johanna got in with the skin of our teeth (who on earth made up that stupid expression) but we still got in.

 At 5.30 AM we have to be in the school bus park. Then we spend 10 HOURS on a coach of totally hype teenagers. Then a ferry ride… and more coaches. But after that we are offically in Paris and the fun begins! I cannot wait. At all. 28 DAYS!



  1. Possibly the most awesome? Excuse me? That’s an insult. We ARE the most awesome. But I understand. xD


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