River Song is Amy’s child?!

Okay, who saw that coming!? I certainly didn’t!

I always thought she was the Doctor’s wife- the kiss, the ‘sweetie’, and above all the fact that she knew his name. But she could still be his wife, to be fair… just because she’s the child of Rory and Amy doesn’t mean she can’t also be the Doctor’s wife.

In that episode, I loved that girl with the black braided hair. The one who said, “I met the Doctor when I was just a little girl… We ran so fast together.” Maybe she’ll be in a future episode? I hope so, she was amazing. At first I thought she was Jenny, because of the ‘running’ comment, but then when she died I knew she wasn’t. (Jenny is a female timelord)

Rory is improving. He is like cheese. “I have a message from the Doctor and a question from me. Where. Is. My. WIFE?!” Totally awesome. Love his outfit, too!



    1. Hmm, well it’s your opinion. In order of Doctors I like: Matt Smith, David Tennant, and then the 7th doctor… I think, he’s the one with curly hair and a scarf. ;]

    2. I agree with you! I really didn’t saw it coming…
      btw: Doctor who is (even like bow ties) cool 😀

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