Who am I?

Her deep brown locks

Sweep down to her shoulder blades

Framing her oval, freckled face.

Her eyes are clear and neither green nor blue,

But a pleasant mixture of the two.

Earlobes pieced, often adorned with earrings

Of bright, bold colours- echoing her personality.

Her expression is normally one of amusement:

Crinkled skin around the eyes,

Sweet dimples in the corner of her mouth,

But I have seen her terrified, furious and ecstatic

She wears no makeup

She doesn’t need to: she is naturally pretty

With longer eyelashes than most

And delicate lips

Although she has a small frame,

Which sometimes means she is underestimated,

Her muscles are strong and pronounced from

Four hours of swimming training a week.

What am I?

I am Janet, my best friend.



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