BBF-COAT: Luna Lovegood

I can’t believe it: this is my very last BFF-COAT post! (In case you didn’t already know, ‘Best Female Fiction Characters Of All Time’). The subject of this post is the dotty Luna Lovegood.

Luna is crazy. She is completely different from everyone else, and everyone tends to keep away from her. And yet, Luna is totally loyal to Harry; years and years after Dumbledore’s Army, she still answers the call when it comes and is by Harry’s side to help. Luna is never embarrassed or self-conscious. She might be rather tactless, but I think the fact that she says what she thinks means that she’s totally honest. She doesn’t take rude comments to heart, and nothing gets her down- not even when she’s trapped, injured or imprisoned. She is calm in the face of danger and – although a little odd – a worthy holder of the ‘BFF-COAT’


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