I just had to have Éowyn on this list! For those of you who haven’t sat through 9 hours of film or 600 pages of story, Éowyn is from the Lord of the Rings. Her uncle is  Theoden King, and he rides off to battle and tells her to stay home and keep safe. But, being stubbon, she grabs her armour and follows him. During the fight, he is targeted by the Witch-King of the Nazgûl. Injured and without help, Éowyn runs over to defend him. She is amazing, totally fearless and not very ladylike!

“But the helm of her secrecy had fallen from her, and her bright hair, released from its bonds, gleamed with pale gold upon her shoulders. Her eyes grey as the sea were hard and fell, and yet tears were on her cheek. A sword was in her hand, and she raised her shield against the horror of her enemy’s eyes….
     Suddenly the great beast beat its hideous wings, and the wind of them was foul. Again it leaped into the air, and then swiftly fell down upon Éowyn, shrieking, striking with beak and claw.
     Still she did not blench: a maiden of the Rohirrim, child of kings, slender but as a steel-blade, fair yet terrible. A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly. The outstretched neck she clove asunder, and the hewn head fell like a stone…”

“I fear neither death nor pain.” Éowyn said, not looking at him but slamming her sword back into its sheath. “What do you fear, my lady?” Aragorn asked softly. Éowyn stood slowly and looked him the eye. “A cage. To be held behind bars until I am usless and old age accepts me.”




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