BFF-COAT: Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a teenage girl from the Maximum Ride series (what a surprise!). One of the reasons Max is awesome is because she has wings (long story), but that’s not all. She is the eldest out of six children, the youngest of which is only four, all of which she manages to not only protect, care for, but keep secret from a world that is only too interested in them. She’s brave, loving, and an amazing fighter. Even better, she’s a tomboy! (What girl doesn’t love a good tomboy?)


“Flying west without Max was like flying with one wing missing, Fang thought. He kept seeing her face: furious, confused and, even though she would never admit it, scared. He’d seen that face just about every day of his entire life. He’d seen it filthy with caked-on dirt, bruised and bloodied, snarling, laughing, sleeping, telling complicated lies with total sincerity…”


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