BFF-COAT: Alba DeTamble

Alba is from ‘The Time Travellers Wife’. She has long, black cirly hair and a few freckles. She is described as being ‘like a young cat’. But even better than that- her father is a time traveller as the genes where passed on to her.

Alba is playing in the yard with an older girl. The girl is about seven. She has long dark hair and she is barefoot. She wears a dirty T-shirt with the Cubs’ logo on it. They are both sitting on the ground, facing each other. The girl has her back to us. Alba is smiling at her and gesturing with her hands as though she is flying. The girl shakes her head and laughs.

I look at Henry. “Who is that?”

“That’s Alba.”

“Yes, but who’s with her?”

Henry smiles, but his eyebrows pull together so that the smile seems worried. “Claire, that’s Alba when she’s older. She’s time travelling.”

How cool is that?! Her father dies when she’s five, and she goes back a couple of times to see him. There’s this one time when it’s her father with his old girlfriend looking for their car. It’s really late at night, they’re both drunk,  when suddenly she runs out of the shadows, points out the car, darts her father-to-be a kiss and skips off again. It’s so cool.


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