Doctor Who- The Silence

Did you watch Dr Who? I certainly did. It was pretty good, as far as Stephen Moffat goes. But I was left with a few burning questions:

  1. Who is the timelord child?
  2. There was a picture of Amy with a young child, but it was in the past.  Who is the father?

Okay. Personally, I think the timelord child could only be the child of the Doctor and River. River keeps saying that her and the Doctor’s timelines are messed up, so it’s very possible that in her time she could have a child. And that child would be half-timelord.

As for Amy’s child, it’s far too messed up to be her’s and the Doctors. And she loves Rory, so it must be theirs. (She was also pregnant even if for a very short time. Could that be relevant?!) But how on earth is the child in the past?

And could the timelord child and Amy’s child possibly be the same person?



  1. I have a few theories on who the child is………it could be River’s and the Doctors (bit obvious?), or it could be Amy’s (not Amy and the Dr’s though…….yuk!) and part Time Lord because she has been effected in some way by “Time Lordy Dust” (yes, I know, pretty lame) or it could be something to do with the Dr’s daughter (remember, he had a “clone” daughter in a past David Tennant episode, who shot into space after everyone thought she was dead?).
    Or it could be a character called “Rani’, her daughter (apparently in the 80’s she was a Time Lady who escaped death when Galifree fell and is still alive today) she is obviously a Time Lord (Lady). Finally, and I would personally LOVE this if this was the case, The Master somehow had a child and this is it! I love The Master……he is sooooo bad!!!!


    1. Yeah, I was thinking about Jenny (She’s the clone daughter you mentioned), but I’m not sure if they would drag an old episode into this. I would love it if this was the child of the Master- the child would be evil then, which would make an interesting story.

  2. 15 Doctors? Time Lords can only Regenerate 13 times. But then again The Master managed to put his mind into someone else body after HE ran out of regenerations, so why not The Doctor?

    Also, like Doctor Who ended all them years ago, only to be redone again in 2005 (i think thats when it started), Doctor Who could finish at any point to be remade in say a decade?


    1. Where’d you get the 13 times info from? Remember, they’ll always find a way to get around the fact that, at some point, the Doctor will run out of regenerations. Becuase if the public love it then it won’t stop.

      If they ever do stop it, then someone will take it up again. It’s a too good a subject to stop!

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