BFF-COAT: Kestrel

I have decided to do a list of the ‘Best Female Fictional Characters Of All Time’ (BFF-COAT!) I’m going to start the list off with Kestrel, from The Wind Singer trilogy by William Nickolson.

Kestrel is a rebel. In a city where exams are everything, where tests determine status and every little thing is highly competitive, she decides that she’s had enough. At first, she is reasonably tame, and moves to sit at the back of the class. Then after a heated argument with the teacher, she storms out of the classroom, climbs the huge tower that is in the center of the city, and begins screaming rude words at the top of her lungs, insulting the system, the exams, everything. She is strong willed, impossible to tame, and she doesn’t give a toss of what other people think of her. I was reading The Wind Singer today when I found an even BETTER quote! Here it is:

“Bowman made no more attempts to control his sister. He knew her too well. When she got into one of her rages, there was no reasoning with her until her passions where exhausted. The school teacher was right: Kestrel had become a wild thing. The wildness coursed through her, glorious and liberating, as she swung from side to side on the top of the wind singer, and shouted all the terrible unthinkable thoughts that had been buried within her for so long. She had gone so far now, she had broken so many rules and said such wicked things, that she knew she would suffer the most severe punishment: and since what she had done could not be undone, she was free to be as bad as she liked.”



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