Running Is My Therapy


Is my therapy

When I am angry,

And want to lash out

I go

And run

Until I am breathless and my anger is spent.

When I am miserable,

 And want to sleep forever

 I go

And run

Until the pure strength of my body makes me happy to be alive.

When I am feeling weak,

And want to never move again

I go

And run

Until I am reminded that I have more strength than I know.

When I am hyper,

And need to calm down

I go

And run

Until my energy is normal and I am sane again.

And then, when I am happy,

I go

And run

With the wind in my hair

The pull of my muscles

The endless repetition of breathing

The dry taste of exercise in my throat

And that pure, undeniable feeling

Of freedom, and strength

That I could run anywhere at all…

That I could run forever and not tire…


Is my therapy


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  1. thalia
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 18:40:21


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