Easter Holidays, Week 1

Not much to report.

It’s the Easter holiday so I spend the days lazing around, reading and on my computer. Visited my god family at the weekend, somehow managed to pick up a throat infection (you are talking to the girl who is NEVER ill). Nothing interesting is happening, really! All of my lovely friends are on holiday.

On the upside, the weather is absolutely beautiful. Each day is more sunny than the last, and it’s only April! If this keeps up, I’ll have a tan by September.

I’m reading the CHERUB series, which if you haven’t heard of yet are quite good. They are about these teenager kids who are secret agents. The plot is great, but unfortunately the main character, James, is a horrible guy with violence issues who spends every spare second being mean to his little sister and his friends. The reader can find it hard to sympathise with him. After all this, it’s not like you go, ‘Oh, I’m so desperate to find out if James survives this adventure!’. It’s more lightly that you’re gonna say; ‘I hope he dies, the scumbag.’


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