Missing You

Jess Mastriani has never been an ordianry teenager. She was struck by lightning, and developed the psychic ability to find anyone, anywhere. Her newfound talent made her invaluable to the US goverment, but her work with them took a terrible toll. Now back home, aged ninteen, and with her powers spent, Jess is Lightning Girl no more.

And now her ex, Rob Wilkins, is turning up and begging for her help in finding his long-lost sister. But how can Jess find anyone – let alone the sister of the man she once loved – when she can’t even find herself?

This is the epic conclusion to the Missing series (which if you haven’t read yet, you need to get, and quickly!). I loved this book so much. Meg Cabot established the charecter so well that I almost cried at the end of the book, so happy that Jess finally got the happy ending she deserved. One word- AMAZING!

It starts with Jess filling us in on the couple of years that have passed since the last book. She’s in a terrible way, her mind effected by the warzone the goverment had her work in. Every night she has nightmares so bad she can’t sleep, which stops her powers from working (For those of you who haven’t yet read the books, this is how her gift works: Jess is shown a picture of the missing person, and the next morning she wakes up with the knowlege of exactly where they are. The psychic stuff happens when she’s dreaming. Pretty cool, huh?).

Anyway, Jess is having a pretty rough time. Then her ex, Rob, turns up on the doorstep pleading for her to find his step-sister. Obviously, Jess tells him that she’s lost her powers. But she goes with him anyway, because- well, just because (Jess was never very good at keeping her nose out of things!). And suddenly, a lot more than a missing sister is unearthed- and Jess finds herself plunged into another crazy adventure.

Oh, and if you’re interested in reading the series, the first book is called ‘When Lightning Strikes’ (By Meg Cabot) . And in America I don’t think they’re called the Missing saga, they’re called something like 1-800-Where-R-U?


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