Do adults dream less than kids? If they do, why? Maybe adults don’t have enough imagination. Maybe adults aren’t innocent like children are. Maybe adults are just too busy! Who knows.

I think that dreams are where your subconscious takes over and mucks about. I mean, you spend your entire day conscious and meanwhile your subconscious is dormant, doing not very much. So when you fall asleep and are unconscious then it takes over.

I dream about the strangest things. I have been in the Amazon Rainforest, living in a wooden hut over a boggy swamp. Angelina Jolie has been my big sister. Whist at school, I’ve been sucked into a tornado. I’ve been in the future, surrounded by metal and robots. I have flown around the Houses of Parliment. I’ve also died quite a few times!

Have you ever noticed that you forget dreams really quickly? I have, and so I started a Dream Diary. When I wake up, I scribble down what I can remember.


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