If you lived in a perfect world- one with no war, no disease, no pain- what would it be like? Would every single person be perfect, too? Would everybody be perfect at everything… and if so, what would be the point in living? You live to learn. You learn to talk, to walk, to write. Then you go to school and learn more. When you’re at Uni, you learn about law or medicine or phycology. If you are born perfect, knowing all, then what would be the point?

And what about death? In a perfect world, would nobody ever die? But that would lead to overpopulation. So maybe you wouldn’t be able to have children. For many people that would be heaven… but for many more than would be their worst nightmare.

To be honest, I think a perfect world would be BORING. If there was no room for improvement- what would you live for?


What's Your Opinion?

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