The Scarred Demon

My first impression of the girl

I am about to fight

Is this-

1. Incredibly short:

And so less of a threat

2. Armed only with a short, blunt looking sword

That doesn’t look dangerous in the slightest:

So less of a threat

3. Staring at the sawdust scattered ground

Instead of sizing up her opponent:

Nervous, scared, terrified?

So less of a thre-


So NOT a threat.

And so

Based on these stupid assumptions

I did something incredibly stupid

I began getting cocky,


‘This will be an easy fight!’

I thought.

‘Over in mere

Minutes!’ But,

As if the silent girl had heard my thoughts

She looked up at me for the first time

And I took an immediate step back.




Not her. And,

Although she was years my junior,

I was the one that was petrified.

Her eyes

Where the darkest

Black, glinting with an evil certainty

And her gargoyle face!

From the tip of her left ear

Diagonally down to

The bottom of her chin

Was a scar.

But not an ordinary scar

One that was puckered

And fire-red

And sewn up with large stitches

And a clumsy hand.

She could only of gained a wound

Like that

From a savage, bloody fight

Like one I was about to engage in.

Her mouth

(so determined, just a narrow line)

Was yanked up in one corner by

That awful scar

Giving her a lopsided, inhuman sneer

And as she stepped towards me

I saw

That despite her small stature

She was intensely muscled

Yes, I was scared

So scared

More scared than I had ever been


I didn’t want to fight

My strength, my will, my heart

Deserted me

And I felt my legs tremble

As they struggled to hold my

Heavy heart upright

The nightmare girl took

A step closer

And then another

Then she was sprinting towards me

She raised that sword above her head

-A sword which now looked razor sharp-

And snarled, her scar distorting her

Untill she no longer looked human

A demon

My demon

With those black eyes

My personal demon that I had no hope

In defeating

This was too much

Far too much

I was over my head

My legs gave way and the kind ground

Rushed up to meet me

And my world gave way

To the calm, soothing, gentle

World of Black Unconsciousness


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. danposmaytee
    Jun 05, 2011 @ 23:57:41

    Very good, I loved this (:


  2. HelenShroom
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 16:11:35

    5 Stars, gurrly. ❤


  3. Hanni_frieda
    Oct 31, 2011 @ 16:35:21

    WRITE MORE!!!!!!
    i love this it’s so gripping WELL DONE XD


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