TV for teenagers sucks.

Seriously. I mean it. There is nothing for us to watch. We have to ether endure childish cbbc, aimed at ten-year olds, or watch grown-up programs like Scrubs or Friends. And if Mum or Dad see me watching Scrubs, they are always angry. Why can’t there just be one channel for us teenagers? Something that’s not based on sexual humour, or revolves around a talking dog called Fii-Fii.



  1. How old are you then? I’ve been watching Friends and Scrubs since I was like 14/15, and I mean even some stuff on CBBC was amazing. Also, think about The Simpsons, kids love it but so do adults because it can be really rude at times too.

    I agree with Rosikifish, Scrubs IS awesome 😀

    How strict are you parents?


    1. I’m fourteen. My parents are rather strict! I’ve given up on TV now, there’s nothing on there for me. I quite like the Merlin episodes but now they are on when I’m walking home from school, so that sucks. Doctor Who is about the only reason I switch on my set any more.

  2. i tried very very very hard (well about five minutes or so) bu tit just kept sending stuff to my email which i said yes to but nothing happened?


    1. Don’t worry, you’ve subscribed! I got an email saying, ‘Congratulations! Someone has subscribed to your blog!’ and I was like, what?! And then I realised that Someone was your name. Thanks very much!

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